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Saint Joseph’s Directory of Ministries

A note from our retired Pastor

Welcome to the Saint Joseph’s Parish Directory of Ministries. The Pastoral Council has prepared this directory for the use of Saint Joseph’s parishioners. The purpose is twofold:

1) This directory should help people to realize just how much is going on here in the parish and enable them to find the particular service that they are seeking. Because there is no one time when any person needs everything that is offered by a parish, it is easy to miss much that is going on. It is not unusual for a person to come to the pastor and suggest that the parish should do a particular thing, that is in fact already going on, unknown to the questioner. This listing could also provide an opportunity for people to notice something that is missing and should be included. Through your suggestions and your comments we will be able to grow as a parish.

2) This directory is an opportunity to see the many ways that we as a parish are called to service. In the way things have developed in the Church, at least in this country, it is no longer possible for a person to come to the liturgy every Sunday and drop in an envelope and still think that they have done their duty. In ancient Israel the idea of a tithe involved both the money that one was able to share with the Church and also the sharing of the particular talent with which the Lord had blessed an individual. There is no person who has not been given some gift for the benefit of the community and this listing can provide any person with ways in which to share their gift. Perhaps you have a gift for a ministry that is not listed here and would like to begin something new to serve our community. Each of the ministries listed here began when a person, realizing a gift from the Lord, sought out a way to share that gift. The power of any parish is the faithful sharing of both time and treasure with the whole parish community. This is your road map on how to share your time and the gift that the Lord has given you.

It is particularly important to consider the sharing of your gift at this time. The stated goal of the Pastoral Council is to increase involvement. One of the primary ways of increased involvement is in the area of ministry. It is the prayer of the Pastoral Council that this directory will help each of us to do just that!